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The WIN Management Board meets four times a year to review the aims and overall scientific direction of the Centre.

Photos of the members of the WIN management board

Pictured above, from top left, the Management Board includes the Centre Director (Heidi Johansen-Berg) and Director of Operations (Stuart Clare), as well as 18 group leaders.

Profs Peter Jezzard and Karla Miller lead groups developing the imaging physics across all the MR systems in the Centre. Profs Steve Smith, Mark Woolrich, Tom Nichols and Saad Jbabdi bring expertise in image and data analysis, including many 'big data' projects in the UK and worldwide.

Profs Matthew Rushworth and Tim Behrens are leaders in systems and cognitive neuroscience who have pioneered the use of neuroimaging over the past 20 years.

Profs Paul Harrison, Masud Husain, Ben Seymour and Martin Turner are clinicians, with research groups that bring neuroimaging into a clinical research sphere. Along with Profs Clare Mackay, Holly Bridge, Charlotte Stagg and Jason Lerch, they work to translate basic neuroscience insights into potential tools for clinical treatment and diagnosis.