Principal Investigators
Dr Mark Chiew University Research Lecturer & Royal Academy of Engineering Fellow
Prof Peter Jezzard Herbert Dunhill Professor of Neuroimaging
Prof Karla Miller Professor of Biomedical Engineering & Wellcome Senior Research Fellow
Dr Tom Okell University Research Lecturer & Wellcome Sir Henry Dale Fellow
Dr Yuriko Suzuki Royal Academy of Engineering Fellow
Dr Wenchuan Wu Royal Academy of Engineering Fellow
Translational Physics Core
Prof Stuart Clare Associate Professor & Director of WIN Operations
Dr Daniel Papp Translational Developmental Scientist
Dr Sebastian Rieger Lead Experimental Support
Dr Mohamed Tachrount Lead Developmental Scientist
Post-Doctoral Researchers Project (PI)
Dr William Clarke MR Spectroscopy (Stagg)
Dr Clemence Ligneul Pre-clinical Imaging (Lerch)
Dr Aurea Martins-Bach Pre-Clinical MRI (Miller)
Dr Mohammad Shahdloo Motion Correction (Chiew)
Dr Benjamin Tendler Post-Mortem Diffusion Imaging (Miller)
DPhil Students
Project (Supervisors)
Teddy Cai Diffusion Imaging (Wu/Miller/Basser)
Xi Chen fMRI Acquisition & Reconstruction (Chiew/Wu)
Thijs de Buck 7T Vascular Imaging (Jezzard)
Amy Howard Diffusion-Microscopy Fusion (Miller/Jbabdi)
Istvan Huszar Imaging in ALS (Miller/Jenkinson)
Daniel Kor MRI-Histology (Miller/Jbabdi)
Harry Mason Accelerated FMRI Reconstruction (Chiew/Miller)
Sophie Schauman Accelerated Vessel-Selective MRI (Okell/Chiew)
Cristiana Tisca Imaging Genetics (Miller/Martins-Bach)
Yan Tong Parallel Transmission (Clarke/Jezzard)
Chaoyue Wang Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (Miller/Tendler)
Affiliated Researchers
Prof Daniel Bulte Engineering Science, Oxford
Dr Iulius Dragonu Siemens Healthcare
Dr Uzay Emir Purdue University