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William Clarke

MRS Physicist

I am a post-doctoral researcher working in both the physiological neuroimaging group and magnetic resonance physics groups at WIN. My work focusses on methods development of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS). Using similar methods to MR imaging, MRS allows us to quantify the concentrations and chemical kinetics of a large number of metabolites occurring within specific anatomies of the human brain. Currently I am developing methods to accelerate the acquisition of multi-voxel “proton” and “phosphorus” spectroscopy. 

Previously I have worked as a post-doctoral researcher in the UK7T Network ( and on parallel transmit (pTx) methods at 7T for neuroimaging. The UK7T Network brings together the five 7 tesla MRI capable sites in the UK to develop and promote scanning at this high field strength.

Prior to working in neuroimaging, I completed my doctorate in cardiovascular magnetic resonance spectroscopy. This work focused on the high-energy phosphorus metabolism of the human myocardium.