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Person writing with pen

Retained Metabolic Flexibility of the Failing Human Heart.

Journal article

Watson WD. et al, (2023), Circulation

Community-Organized Resources for Reproducible MRS Data Analysis.

Journal article

Soher BJ. et al, (2022), Magn Reson Med

Where functional MRI stops, metabolism starts.

Journal article

Frangou P. and Clarke WT., (2022), Elife, 11

Comparison of seven modelling algorithms for GABA-edited 1 H-MRS.

Journal article

Craven AR. et al, (2022), NMR Biomed

Frequency drift in MR spectroscopy at 3T.

Journal article

Hui SCN. et al, (2021), Neuroimage, 241

Memory recall involves a transient break in excitatory-inhibitory balance.

Journal article

Koolschijn RS. et al, (2021), Elife, 10

Obesity modifies the energetic phenotype of dilated cardiomyopathy.

Journal article

Rayner JJ. et al, (2021), Eur Heart J

Uncertainty in denoising of MRSI using low-rank methods

Journal article

Clarke W. and Chiew M., (2021)

FSL-MRS: An end-to-end spectroscopy analysis package.

Journal article

Clarke WT. et al, (2020), Magn Reson Med

FSL‐MRS: An end‐to‐end spectroscopy analysis package

Journal article

Clarke WT. et al, (2020), Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

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