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Continuous Automated Analysis Workflow for MRS Studies.

Journal article

Zöllner HJ. et al, (2023), J Med Syst, 47

Event-related functional Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.

Journal article

Koolschijn RS. et al, (2023), Neuroimage

Retained Metabolic Flexibility of the Failing Human Heart.

Journal article

Watson WD. et al, (2023), Circulation

Repeatability of 7T Human Cardiac 3D 31P-MRSI Using Concentric Ring k-Space Trajectories

Conference paper

Valkovic L. et al, (2023), Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Measurement, MEASUREMENT 2023, 243 - 246

Community-Organized Resources for Reproducible MRS Data Analysis.

Journal article

Soher BJ. et al, (2022), Magn Reson Med

Where functional MRI stops, metabolism starts.

Journal article

Frangou P. and Clarke WT., (2022), Elife, 11

Comparison of seven modelling algorithms for GABA-edited 1 H-MRS.

Journal article

Craven AR. et al, (2022), NMR Biomed

Continuous automated analysis workflow for MRS studies


Zöllner H. et al, (2022)

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