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Brief user guide for using the scanner, equipment and room user booking system (Calpendo)



At WIN, we use the "Calpendo" software to manage projects and book resources, from MRI scanners to bicycles.


The following resources are bookable on Calpendo: 


  • MRI (3T and 7T) 
  • MRI 7T Control Room and Prep Room (must be booked separately) 

By default, BSB resources are not visible to WIN Calpendo users. Access can be requested via the user group access feature (see below)

  • MRI (3T and 7T) 
  • MRI compatible camera (MRC) and earphones (Sensimetrics) 
  • Testing Room 1 (TMS) 
  • Testing Rooms 2 and 3 (general use) 
  • Meeting Rooms in the FMRIB Annexe (Cowey 1 and 2, Newsom-Davis, Radda, and Tracey).  
  • Bicycles (x4) 


  • EEG caps for EEG-fMRI 
  • Testing rooms (x2) 
  • Meeting Room (upstairs), Reception Area, and Kia's office 
  • Bicycles (x2) for WIN members, and Car Parking Spaces (x3) for study participants 

West Wing 

  • Pain Testing Lab Clinical L3 and Plasticity Lab 40-07

WIN Wednesdays

  • Use this calendar to book a slot for a WIN Wednesday presentation.  


Calpendo accounts and logging in  

Using the WIN Calpendo requires an account, which is available to anyone at WIN (including external collaborators) with an SSO (Oxford Single Sign-On). To log in or to request an account, go to and use the “sign in using Shibboleth” option. Enter your SSO credentials. If you already have a Calpendo account, this will log you in. If you don't, it will take you to the account request form. If you try to log in after having requested an account but before your request has been approved, you will likely see an error message. Please wait for email confirmation that your account has been created before logging in. If you do not hear back within a few days, email


Resources and Projects 

Calpendo allows you to book a wide range of resources, from scanners to meeting rooms to bicycles. Some of these resources require a project to make a booking (typically this is the case for MEG and MRI scanners), others allow you to book without a project (testing rooms for example). If the resource you want to book requires a project, you can either request to be added as a user to an existing project (click on the Projects menu, then on "Project Membership Request", and enter the project code), or you can ask for a new project to be created. The process for new project creation depends on which resource you are booking.  Details are on the individual facility pages.


Restricted resources and user groups 

Some resources, including some which are bookable without a project, have restrictions on who is authorised to book. If you see a message to that effect when trying to book, you can request to be added to the group of authorised users by opening the "Bookings" menu and clicking on "User group membership request", then selecting the appropriate group. 


Scan retrieval

Calpendo also gives users access to the scan retrieval system. In addition to a Calpendo account, this requires a WIN IT account. Please ensure your WIN IT account is up and running before you click the "My Scans" button in Calpendo. If you attempt to access scan retrieval without a working WIN IT account, it won't work, and moreover it will continue not to work even once you do have a WIN IT account, until you ask WIN Computing Help to fix it.

You can only access data belonging to projects which you own or are associated with as a user. See “Project View” for how to check which projects you are associated with.


Calendar views and resource selection

The Calendar menu contains a set of pre-defined system bookmarks you can use to display certain resources in the calendar. You can then switch individual resources on or off by holding CTRL (or CMD) and clicking on them in the Resources panel on the left. You can also create and save your own bookmarks, for combinations of resources you regularly want to display together, using the Bookmarks button at the bottom of the Resources panel.  


Project view 

Click on "My Projects" in the Projects menu to show a list of all projects you are affiliated withBy default, this only shows active projects - to include past projects as well, open the "Status" filter dropdown at the top and check the boxes corresponding to the project statuses you want to include in the view. See “Resources and Projects” for instructions on how to request access to additional projects. 


Project Status  

Projects in Calpendo have a "status" which determines who can edit them and if they can be used to make bookings. The status can be one of the following: 

DRAFT: Incomplete project or project request not yet ready for submission. 

REQUESTED: Project submitted for approval. Bookings are not possible. 

RESTRICTED: Project accepted but has a temporary booking restriction (only resource managers can book). Typically used in the pilot phase. 

APPROVED: Active project for which the project users can make bookings. 

DENIED: Project that was submitted for approval but has been rejected. 

UNBOOKABLE: Project that has been accepted but has had bookings temporarily suspended. 

TERMINATED: Project that has been completed and is therefore no longer bookable.   


Making bookings 

To make a booking, ensure the required resource(s) is shown in the calendar view. The calendar colour will give you an indication of whether, and at what time, you can book each resource. Generally, green means bookings will be allowed, red means they will not, and white means "it depends" (e.g., bookings would be accepted for some of your projects but not others). If you hover the mouse cursor over a slot you would like to book but which is shown in red, a tooltip will show why you cannot book and what you might be able to do about it. Contact the resource manager(s) if you require further guidance on booking rules or restrictions. 



Whether a booking can be cancelled depends on the resource and how far into the future it is. Certain resources (scanners in particular) will have rules about cancellations and require you to give a reason for cancelling. Bookings in the past can generally no longer be cancelled.  

Note that some cancelled bookings may still be chargeable. To avoid being billed for those, make sure to state the reason for the cancellation and add sufficient detail in the corresponding field in the dialog window that pops up when you cancel a booking. If there is no pop-up, the slot will not be invoiced by default. 



For help with projects and bookings, contact the managers of the resource you would like to book.

For MRI, contact the radiographers (, for other scanners and labs, contact the respective lab managers.

If the scan retrieval system isn’t working, contact the WIN IT helpdesk ( 

For help with technical issues related to Calpendo, or setting up new resources and booking rules, email

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