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What is the Inclusive Leadership Programme?

Leadership training has repeatedly been identified as a key route to improving research culture. Oxford Medical Sciences Division has developed an Inclusive Leadership Programme (ILP) to address this needs gap. The ILP trains Oxford Principal Investigators (PIs) in becoming more inclusive, transparent, and supportive leaders.

The ILP was developed by EDI professionals to nurture leadership skills and to foster inclusive and equitable environments. The time commitment is anticipated at 5-6 days in total over the course of one year.

Who can take part?

The MSD Inclusive Leadership Programme (ILP) is now welcoming self-nominations for 2024-25. The ILP is for senior academic leaders with significant responsibility for people through role or line management.

If you would like to participate please email with 200-300 words describing how the programme would support you in your role as a leader, and outline your current leadership responsibilities.

There are two cohorts and a maximum of 50 available places, as such we endeavour to represent MSD departments proportionally, and encourage nominations from leaders without significant prior training.

What are the objectives of the Inclusive Leadership Programme?

  • Identify areas of improvement specific to the participant's leadership style.
  • Build foundational knowledge and skills to create and sustain inclusive environments.
  • Build confidence to approaching sensitive issues.
  • Nurture a whole-group approach to fostering inclusivity.

Training consists of four core elements:

  • Inclusion-focused 360° feedback.
  • Training on leadership skills, conflict resolution, EDI, and coaching.
  • Action Learning Sets to integrate inclusive approaches in problem-solving.
  • An inclusion project developed collaboratively with the participant’s team.

What impacts can we expect from the Inclusive Leadership Programme?

ILP participants are supported to incorporate their learning into their working practices and create tangible positive changes in their working environments. The ILP may positively impact participants by:

  • Creating a supportive peer network for handling sensitive leadership issues.
  • Developing inclusive practices and confidence in their application.
  • Improving self-reflection and communication skills through Action Learning Sets, difficult conversation role play, and coaching.
  • Providing structured reflection on leadership style and areas for improvement.

Inclusive Leadership Programme 2023-2024 Feedback

‘Well organised, structured and thought provoking. A rewarding leadership programme for those who can influence change.’

‘A fantastic programme for developing new leadership skills, and for guided reflection on one’s own leadership style, strengths and weaknesses. I feel better prepared to address current issues but also anticipate future ones.’