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Person addressing rows of people in a lecture


May 31st – Coaching for Academics
Coaching is a conversational skill that helps in identifying and achieving personal and professional goals. Coaching is often taught in leadership courses for researchers as an essential skill to facilitate collaborations and problem solving.

In this session for the WIN, participants learned what coaching is and got a taster of being a coach or coachee.

This session was not recorded.

November 16th – How to use social media effectively? 

Social media platforms are increasingly intertwined with work. Many researchers successfully enhance their career prospects by building strong social media profiles, whether to boost their options for continuing in academia, or to explore pathways beyond. In this session we covered key principles for using social media effectively, and tips on how to optimise social media presence. 

This session can be found here [SSO Required]


March 9th – How to Write a Paper

June 10th – On Failure

November 23rd – Careers Outside of Academia: NHS Careers

We welcomed 3 WIN alumni who came to talk about their varied careers paths.  All received their DPhils from WIN before going on to very different career paths: Head of Data and Analysis at the UK Government Organisation for Standards in Education (Ofsted), NHS Neurophysiologist, and  Senior Medical Physicist in Magnetic Resonance at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.


January – Time management 

February – Conflict prevention and stress management

March – WIN Wednesday Careers

April – Teaching in Oxford - How, why and when?

May - Presentation skills

June – Grants- an introduction

September – Developing IP

November - Public engagement