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The MRI Graduate Programme is taught by a team of research staff and students from the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging

Course Director
Thomas Okell
Course Coordinator
Kamila Szulc-Lerch
Physics Module Lead Organisers
Wenchuan Wu
Benjamin Tendler
Physics Tutors
Will Clarke
Clemence Ligneul
Mohamed Tachrount
James Kent
Yuriko Suzuki
Peter Lally
Thijs de Buck
Mo Shahdloo
Amy Howard
Aurea Martins Bach
Daniel Kor
Ziyu Li
Teddy Cai
Charles Millard
Analysis Module Lead Organisers
Frederik Lange
Marieke Martens
Analysis Tutors
Hossein Rafipoor
Tulika Nandi
Teddy Cai
Grace Gillis
Aslan Abivardi
Amy Howard
Istvan Huszar
Lorika Shkreli
Thanuja Dharmadasa
Kan Keeratimahat
Silei Zhu
Taylor Hanayik
Marco Fabus
Luke Baxter
Rezvan Farahibozorg
Software Engineers
Paul McCarthy
Matthew Webster