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In Vivo MRI of the Developing Mouse Brain

Kamila Szulc-Lerch

Research Associate

  • MRI Graduate Programme Co-Organiser

I obtained my MSc in Physiology and Neuroscience and PhD in Biomedical Imaging from New York University. My doctoral work focused on developing and applying novel preclinical MRI approaches to studies of brain development using mouse models of human neurodevelopmental disorders. In my studies I used the cerebellum as a model system for quantitative analysis of patterning processes taking place at early postnatal stages.

I did my postdoctoral training, funded by a fellowship from Brain Canada and Kids Brain Health Network, at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. During my postdoc I worked on projects examining potential of lifestyle and pharmacological interventions to stimulate repair of treatment-related brain damage in children with brain tumours and preclinical models of radiation induced brain injury and cerebral palsy. 

Currently, I am a co-applicant on two Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) funded projects: "Limiting Late Effects Following Pediatric Cranial Radiation" (PI: Brian Nieman) and "The Impact of Maternal Immune Activation Across the Lifespan" (PI: Mallar Chakravarty).

I joined University of Oxford in the summer of 2019 where I continue to work on preclinical studies of post-injury brain recovery.

I am passionate about Open Science and applying Best Practices in research.

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