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In Vivo MRI of the Developing Mouse Brain

Vestibulo-cochlear organ reconstruction from MRI


Faculty position interview talk given at McGill University (2017).

Kamila Szulc-Lerch

Senior Research Associate

  • WIN MRI Graduate Programme Coorganiser
  • FSL Course Coorganiser

I obtained my MSc in Physiology and Neuroscience and PhD in Biomedical Imaging from New York University. My doctoral work focused on developing and applying novel preclinical MRI approaches to studies of brain development using mouse models of human neurodevelopmental disorders. In my studies I used the cerebellum as a model system for quantitative analysis of patterning processes taking place at early postnatal stages.

My postdoctoral training was funded by a fellowship from Brain Canada and Kids Brain Health Network and took place at the Hospital for Sick Children and the Mouse Imaging Centre in Toronto. During my postdoc I worked on projects examining potential of lifestyle and pharmacological interventions to stimulate brain repair in children with brain tumours and preclinical models of brain injury induced by radiation and hypoxia-ischemia. 

In the summer of 2019 I joined University of Oxford to build my research programme around preclinical studies of post-injury brain recovery. Currently, I am running a project funded by a WIN Seed Grant aimed at promoting and monitoring brain recovery after stroke in mice. This project is run in collaboration with Yvonne Couch and Tracy Farr.

I also have an interest in using big data in clinical neuroscience and I am PI on a UK BioBank project investigating the impact of metformin treatment on brain structure and function. More information can be found here.

Other funded projects on which I am a co-investigator include: 'Limiting Late Effects Following Pediatric Cranial Radiation' and 'The Impact of Maternal Immune Activation Across the Lifespan'.

I am passionate about Open Science, applying Best Practices in research and Public Engagement.

Ahead of print

Yuen N, Szulc-Lerch KU, Li YQ, Morshead CM, Mabbott DJ, Wong CS, Nieman BJ. Metformin Effects on Brain Development Following Cranial Irradiation in a Mouse Model. Neuro Oncol. 2021


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  • Jason Lerch
    Jason Lerch

    Professor of Neuroscience

  • Heidi Johansen-Berg
    Heidi Johansen-Berg

    Director of the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging; Associate Head of Medical Sciences Division (Research)

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