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Every 1-2 years, we survey our members on all aspects of WIN life. Our goal is to solicit constructive criticism in guiding us to make WIN better for all its members. We are interested in the views of all WIN members – including students, core staff and researchers – new and old!

The 2023 survey will run from the 27th October - 30th November 2023.  Please see links in the WIN Monday Message.

You can view a summary of the results of the 2021 survey here [SSO Required].

Actions taken based on 2021 WIN Survey

  1. Your feedback suggested that the WIN intranet was not as well used as we would hope, and could be organised better. We have now restructured the WIN website and merged the intranet pages with the main website, so that all content is in one place. The search function has been greatly improved. 
  2. We have put out regular (every 2 months) calls for WIN seminar speakers and topics for WIN Weds content. Seminar speakers have been suggested by WIN members.
  3. Many of you indicated a desire to restart in-person events after the pandemic, both research-related and social. We are now providing food at WIN seminars with invited speakers to promote attendance in person, and we have organised various smaller and larger social events such as pride month, the 2023 World Cup and the 25th Anniversary of FMRIB.
  4. In response to your suggestions we have added public engagement content to the 2022-23 WIN graduate programme, and we plan to continue this in the next editions. 
  5. You asked for more information about policy engagement opportunities, training courses, and examples of successful engagement. We are making sure that we regularly circulate opportunities in Monday Messages, and we have included case studies on the WIN website. A PI day focused on showcasing policy engagement projects was held in 2023.
  6. We have created plans for optimal usage of existing core facilities. The needs of different users are regularly reviewed, and procedures are in place to maximise the usage including increasing the number of trained scanner operators. 
  7. We are reviewing the scope of core facility provision at WIN. Discussions have been ongoing at the WIN management board, including proposals to seek funding for new technologies. Core support for MEG and EEG has been increased and is more integrated with the other WIN scanning facilities.