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The External Advisory Board (EAB) meets once per year to provide us with independent advice on our plans and progress. 

The current membership is:

  • Chair: Rainer Goebel, Director, Maastricht Brain Imaging Centre, Netherlands Monique Breteler, Director of Population Health Sciences, German Center for Neurodegenerative diseases (DZNE)
  • Jay Gottfried, Department of Neurology, Northwestern University, USA
  • JF Mangin, NeuroSpin, CEA, Paris
  • Betsy Murray, NIMH, USA
  • Klaas Pruessmann, Institute for Biomedical Engineering, University of Zurich Riitta Salmelin, Aalto University, Finland
  • Mark Lythgoe, Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging, UCL

The scope of the EAB is to provide advice on:

  • Prioritising scientific projects with maximal potential for impact
  • Evaluation of overall progress
  • Evaluation of individual research programmes
  • Evaluation of leadership and management
  • Optimising the smooth and effective delivery of WIN operations (e.g scanning, IT, experimental support)
  • Facilitating career development of (research and support) staff and students
  • Recruitment and retention of investigators and group leaders
  • Optimising integration across research groups and sites