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The Analysis Group carries out research into new methodologies for the analysis of functional and structural brain imaging data.


Our research is also turned into software tools that are available in the FSL package, which is free to all academic and non-profit institutions.

We are also key collaborators in many large projects such as the Human Connectome Project, the Developing Human Connectome Project, UK Biobank and the Wellcome Trust Strategic Award for Integrated Multimodal Brain Imaging for Neuroscience Research and Clinical Practice.

  • For more information about past and current research that is primarily conducted within FMRIB see the Research Summary page.
  • For more information about projects such as HCP, dHCP and Biobank that we are involved in see the Large Collaborative Project page.
  • Potential projects for prospective students or postdocs can be found in the DPhil/Postdoc Project page.


FSLWe have developed the majority of our research into a publicly available software toolset - the FMRIB Software Library (FSL), which is used in over 1000 laboratories worldwide. The three main FSL papers (see FSL Wiki) have over 6000 citations.

Each year we run the FSL Course: an intensive 5-day training course that covers both the theory and practice of functional and structural brain image analysis, with lectures and hands-on practical sessions.  We have trained over 2200 attendees since the first course in 2002.