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Engaging with policymakers boosts the real-world impact of research by creating public policy change for the better and enables researchers and policymakers to make the most of their evidence, expertise and experience. Often policymakers are people in government and parliament, but they could also be in statutory bodies such as local councils or regulatory authorities. Providing policymakers with clear and understandable scientific research encourages evidence-based decision making. 

Find examples of how our researchers at WIN have successfully engaged with policymakers. These pages aim to inspire and encourage others to think about how they could increase the impact of their research through policy engagement or translational activities more broadly.

Why Engage in Policy? 

  • To shape and change policy and the policy agenda
  • To have demonstrable research impact
  • To raise the profile of your research and broaden its dissemination
  • To get a different perspective on your research
  • To develop new research questions and projects shaped by 'real-world' questions
  • To grow your network
  • To be presented with new opportunities and have new experiences
  • To strengthen the case for research funding

Here to help

If you would like help in exploring how you could take part in policy engagement, or any other translational activities, please reach out to Jessica Walsh and Laura Cini. Jess and Laura work across impact, policy and translation at WIN, including clinical study support, policy engagement and technology transfer and innovation. It is also possible for core staff team support to be included in grant application funding on a project-by-project basis. Please contact Jess and Laura to discuss this further, they would be very happy to help develop your ideas!