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POST - Parliamentary office of science and technology The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) website. You can stay up to date by following @POST_UK on Twitter, or subscribing to the newsletter.
UK parliament Knowledge Exchange Unit at UK Parliament website and twitter @UKParl_Research. The Knowledge Exchange Unit are an excellent point of contact for anyone wishing to engage with parliament as a researcher.
OPEN Oxford Policy engagement network Join Oxford Policy Engagement Network (OPEN). OPEN have developed a free online course in collaboration with the institute for Government titled Engaging with UK public policy: an introduction for researchers that gives a great introduction for researchers at Oxford to engage with UK policy. They also have useful guidance and resources. This course also includes tools to help you build policy engagement into your research projects. Planning for policy impact from the start hugely improves your chances of making meaningful change. Increasingly, funders require researchers to articulate the impact they expect the piece of research to have, which requires consideration of policy engagement at an early stage.
How to engage video UK parliment Check out these videos on UK Parliament for Researchers, created by the UK Parliament's Knowledge Exchange Unit. 

University Policy Engagement Network (UPEN) is a community of UK universities committed to increasing the impact of research on policy. UPEN offers a dedicated contact point for policymakers, and a collective response to requests for evidence. Become a member for free

European Commission The Knowledge for policy competency framework for researchers was set out by the European Commission, who have compiled the competencies required to be exceptional at policy engagement. You can use this to check your existing competencies and pinpoint areas where you should focus your training. 
institute for government How government can work with academia, a report by the Institute For Government. This identifies obstacles for academics and policymakers working together, with solutions for improving engagement.