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                  The EDI committee makes up of the the Support (Member networks), Education (events and seminars), and Action (working groups).

The EDI committee oversees a broad range of activities and initiatives:

Action: Developing high-level strategy in EDI, and advising on implementation by associated Working Groups

Support: Serving as a conduit for Member Networks to advocate for their communities to the Management Board

Education: Hosting EDI-related events, and ensuring best practices for diverse & inclusive WIN events

The EDI committee reports to the WIN Management Board.

Current Committee members

Sana Suri
Sana Suri - EDI Committee Chair Melanie Alexis-Butler
Stuart Clare Amy Howard
Stuart Clare Amy Howard
Malte Kaller Kaitlin Krebs
Rogier Mars - Professor of Neurosciences
Rogier Mars Aurea Martins-Bach
Karla Miller A photo of Tony Thayanandan

Karla Miller - Former EDI Committee Chair

Tony Thayanandan

Carinne Piekema Pronouns she/her Maddie Welland - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Carinne Piekema

Maddie Welland



Andrew Segerdahl Jacinta O'Shea
Andrew Segerdahl

Jacinta O'Shea

Maz Aspbury

Mark Cheiw

Maz Aspbury Mark Chiew