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The LGBTI+ Working Group is made up of WIN staff and students who are motivated by a shared goal of improving our centre for members of the LGBTI+ community.  We aim to increase awareness of issues facing LGBTI+ professionals in academia, improve support from allies, and promote visibility of role models.  In 2019-20, we developed a strategic vision and implemented a series initiatives aligned to these aims, highlighted below.  

Aim 1: Increase Awareness

  • Developed an online toolkit collating resources relevant to LGBTI+ in the workplace. Key sections include: Terms & Definitions, LGBTI+ in the UK, LGBTI+ in Science, and Leadership & Role Models.
  • Hosted seminars from thought leaders in the LGBTI+ STEM community including: Dr. Clara Barker (Oxford), Dr. Lilly Hunt (EDIS) and Lenna Cumberbatch (St. Andrews).  
  • Organised participation in LGBTI+ events including UK Pride March 2019 (with Wellcome Trust) and LGBTQ+ STEMinar 2020 (hosted by the University of Oxford).

Aim 2: Form a Supportive Community

  • Worked with Inclusive Employers to develop bespoke Centre-wide training covering the basics of inclusivity (for all members) and how to become an inclusive leader (for line-managers and PIs).  
  • Formed and supported the WIN Pride Member Network, which hosts informal gatherings for LGBTI+ members and allies and WIN-wide discussions (e.g. WINspiration Fridays).
  • Promoted allyship within WIN and encouraged members to attend ally training, with eight members trained as allies during our year of strategic focus.  

Aim 3: Promote Visibility

  • Together with Wellcome, we re-designed the WIN logo to raise awareness during LGBT+ Pride Month.  Rainbow logos have since been adopted by all Wellcome Centres
  • Regularly contribute LGBTI+-related content for a range of communications channels including WIN twitter and newsletters.

Got ideas?

If you have suggestions or would like to get involved, please email our LGBTI+ Champions: Amy HowardMaddie Wellandand Andy Segerdahl.

Massive thanks thanks to all our LGBTI+ champions past and present, especially Marianne Aspbury who contributed enormously to this work.