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What WIN IT provides

The WIN Centre offers computation and support facilities to aid in your research projects. This ranges from day-to-day personal computer support from procurement through maintenance and disposal, high performance computation facilities both hosted on-site and provided through partners, bulk storage and data curation facilities. An overview of facilities is available and self-help/usage guides are available in our I want to... section.

Users of WIN IT facilities are required to have a University Single Sign On (SSO) account, and thus a formal relationship with the University as a whole. If you are an external collaborator looking for access to our facilities then you should contact the WIN Administration team to discuss the appropriate level of association with the University.

This SSO account offers access to some of the web-based resources, such as our MRI booking system, but the majority of WIN IT hosted resources use a WIN specific user account (WIN computer account). WIN computer accounts are charged, with details on costs (reviewed annually) published on our charges page. Registration for and management of this account is through our SSO access controlled registration system.

WIN members located in the OHBA building will require a Medical Sciences IT account (MSD-IT account), both for OHBA's VPN connection and for accessing the Linux workstations.

Finally, WIN members have access to high performance compute facilities hosted and managed by the BioMedical Research Computing team (BMRC). This is a much larger compute facility than the in-house system (ca 8000 CPUs, significant numbers of GPUs and a multi-petabyte storage system). Details on requesting an access to the BMRC facilities are on our BMRC account pages.

Researchers are reminded that use of our and BMRC facilities are contingent on you providing sufficient documentation that your data processing complies with Data Protection Act 2018/General Data Protection Regulation. For any research work involving living humans, this will at a minimum require the completion of a Data Privacy Assessment (DPA), but anything involving medical data (for example MRIs) is likely to require the more stringent Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) (see policies section). WIN IT and BMRC can assist with completion of technical measures sections of your documentation.