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How to obtain and manage a WIN computer account

WIN Computer Accounts

The WIN computer account is used for the following services

WIN Centre Self-Service Registration System

We operate a self-service registration system at which is accessed using your University Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials. Through our registration site you can:

  • Manage your personal profile and join your PI's group
  • Book and review Magnet Safety Training
  • View your building access status for FMRIB
  • Manage your membership of some important WIN Centre mailing lists
  • Request a computing account.
If you or your collaborator do not have a University Single Sign-On account then please contact to discuss the most appropriate research agreement to obtain one.


Before you can apply for an account you must first have a University SSO account. We can only allow users who have some form of research agreement with Oxford University to use our computing equipment, your SSO credentials are therefore considered the minimum required authorisation.

If you do not have a University SSO account then you won't be able to log onto our registration site and should contact to discuss the most appropriate research agreement to obtain one.

Requesting an Account

A WIN computing account will give you a username and password with which you can:

  • Access the WIN Centre's computing cluster facilities, along with the central file stores
  • Logon to desktop computers at FMRIB/Annexe
  • Access printing/scanning/copying facilities at FMRIB/Annexe
  • Remotely access the FMRIB network via VPN

These accounts may attract a charge, for details on charging see our charging policy page.

Please visit and log in using your SSO credentials.

Follow the instructions by selecting a PI from the list of available PIs. This will send an email to the PI asking them to accept you into their group.

Next click on the "Request a computer account" and select an Account type from the drop-down list. These accounts are classified as follows:

Account type Use cases
Normal/Ordinary You intend to use WIN/BMRC HPC computing facilities to process your data.
Low use Access to all non-HPC services (Printing, GitLab, VPN, etc). I.e., this account type excludes use of WIN/BMRC HPC/timeshared computers.
Free (SFTP only)  All you need is to access the "My Scans" download pages and to transfer data off WIN systems.
Staff Account Reserved for WIN staff. If you do not know if you're entitled to a staff account then please contact to find out

Having selected an account type you can click "Update" and your application will got to your PI for approval.

Once your PI has approved your application to join their group and your WIN computing account request, your account will be automatically created and you will get an email inviting you to set the password.


If you don't get a timely response then it is most likely your PI hasn't completed the process. Contact them and ask them to check that the "PI approved" check boxes for both your WIN Profile and your WIN computing account application have been confirmed. They should have ticked two check boxes.
Please point your PI to instructions for guidance if required.