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​​​​To obtain OHBA workstation access you need the following obtained in sequence:​

  • ​An active Oxford Uni SSO. This requires an Oxford University card​.
  • An active MSD-IT network user account. Request from MSD-IT site using this page
  • ​​For remote off-site ssh OHBA workstation access your MSD-IT network account needs to affiliated to a trusted unit (Psychiatry, Psychology, NDCN, etc). Contact​ if you have a different affiliation. To this request​​ use the following steps:​​​​
    1. Download and complete OHBA's custom UAR form.​ ​In the 'Access Rights Required' select 'wingrp' and your required PI groups to gain access to PI stores on the OHBA servers. 'meggrp' is reserved for users who need to log on to the MEG console. 'megrp' group is not needed for MEG data access via one of the workstations.​
    2. Send filled-in form to OHBA Research Manager or OHBA PI for signing and authorisation.
    3. Send the OHBA Research Manager/OHBA PI signed form to
    4. WIN IT should then respond to you to confirm your access is enabled. You should now be able to login to the OHBA workstations. Use the 'id' command in a bash terminal to confirm your group membership includes your chosen access groups.
    5. It should now be possible to access the OHBA workstation remotely using ssh via the MSD-IT VPN​.


  • More information on what is available from the OHBA workstations is available in WIN's computing user guides​


  • Please move any data that needs to be permanently ​ retained or shared with colleagues to the OHBA server. If data needs to retain in your OHBA workstation home directory please tell your PI and your the OHBA Research Manager where it is and which workstations it is on before departure​.