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Summary of OHBA Linux desktop usage

High-level Overview

  • Linux workstation class desktop PCs for processing work
  • ca 280TB Central file server available from Linux workstations with off-site backup
  • All Linux computers use MSD-IT accounts for login. Your MSD-IT account need to be specifically granted OHBA workstation access. Follow the instructions on our OHBA onboarding page which includes a link to OHBA's custom UAR form.

​Brief summary

​​The servers situated on-site at OHBA contain the shared OHBA PI file stores and the MEG data - these file shares are available on the Linux workstations in the /ohba folder.

The OHBA workstations have either Centos Linux 7, Rocky Linux 8 or Rocky Linux 9 installed. Remote access can be established using the MSD-IT VPN and ssh.  VNC​ is installed on each workstation to facilitate remote desktop sessions.  

OHBA PI file stores are mounted on request at /ohba/pi. This means you need to 'cd' into each PI directory to mount it. The following directories are available for mounting in this manner:

  • /ohba/pi/knobre
  • /ohba/pi/mwoolrich
  •  /ohba/pi/cmac​kay

MEG data located is mounted on each OHBA workstation at /vols/MEG.

OHBA users have standard non-admin accounts and cannot install applications requiring 'root' or 'sudo' access. Python and R tools can however be installed in your home folder using the conda package manager.

MATLAB, OSL and Freesurfer are centrally installed and can be activated for use using the Shell Modules system. Use 'module avail' to see what's available and 'module load' to load a module into your path.

OHBA workstations have been configured to perform a full network backup every evening using the University's TSM backup facility. WIN IT can arrange for you to be notified if these backups fail if you are the sole user of a computer.

Full disk encryption is enabled on some OHBA workstations so please contact WIN IT support before removing OHBA workstations from site for advice.