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Football on the Brain (2022-2026)

Football on the Brain is a four-year public engagement project involving researchers and football communities understanding more about how our brains are involved in football. The team will be working with partner football coaches to embed neuroscience theory into training, help students improve their (football) skill learning, and help football fans to better understand and look after their brain health. Follow along on Twitter: #FootballOnTheBrain

WIN team

Heidi Johansen-Berg

Holly Bridge

Carinne Piekema

Louise Aukland

Stuart Clare

Saad Jbabdi

Malte Kaller 

Morgan Mitchell

Iske Marshall

Hanna Smyth



Oxford United FC

Oxford City FC

Football Beyond Borders



This project begins on 1 April 2022 and will run until December 2026. Check back here soon for updates as the project progresses. 


Football on the Brain is funded by a £218,545 public engagement grant from the University of Oxford's Enriching Engagement scheme; the largest single award ever made by the scheme.