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Links to past press coverage of our work

Andrew Marr's documentary on stroke 'My brain and me' features Neuroplastics research, November 2018

'Unexpected ways to wake up the brain', BBC, October 2014

Press coverage of Claire Sexton's work on sleep quality and brain atrophy in older adults from Medscape, the Times of India, and the Huffington Post.

Plasticity collaborator Susannah Murphy writes about her research with the Cognitive Health and Ageing programme in the Oxford Mail, March 2014.

Claire Sexton talks about her research into the effects of exercise on the brain in a feature on dementia on Channel 5 News, February 2014.

Aiden Doherty is interviewed for the BBC News about uses for and advances in wearable technology, February 2014.

Nature's NeuroPod podcast interviews Jacinta O'Shea about her TDCS and stroke recovery research, Nature, January 2014

 Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg explains how the brain changes when we learn a new skill, in a special edition of ‘You and Yours’ on BBC Radio 4 broadcast on Boxing Day, December 2013.

Stimulating stroke rehabilitation? – Press coverage of our work on brain stimulation and stroke rehabilitation 

‘New theory explains why amputees feel phantom pain’, Live Science, March 2013

‘Amputee puts arm in freezer to ease 'phantom pain'’, BBC, March 2013

‘New Spark of Hope for Stroke Patients’ Financial Times, Jan 2012

‘MRI Brain scans resonate with artists’, article on visit to FMRIB by Art and Science students from Central Saint Martins, July 2012

The Olympic Brain – YouTube video of public dialogue between Semir Zeki and Heidi Johansen-Berg on “Olympian Minds: can we train our brain for success in sports and other fields?”

‘Electric thinking cap promises a new era of high-voltage learning’, Daily Telegraph, Sept 2011

‘Stimulating the brain with electricity aids learning speed’, BBC, Sept 2011

‘Electric shocks to the brain can help stroke patients’ recovery’, Independent, Sept 2011

'Two left feet? The art of dancing is strictly all in the brain', Mail Online, March 2011

‘Mind's circuit diagram to be revealed by mammoth map’, New Scientist, February 2011

‘Watching the brain learn’, Scientific American, November 2009

‘Juggling increases brain power’, BBC, October 2009

‘Learning to juggle grows brain networks for good’, New Scientist, October 2009

‘A Wiring Diagram in the Brain for Depression’ Scientific American Mind, April 2009

‘Are those brain-training gadgets really any good? Our experts put them to the test’, Daily Mail, October 2008

‘Brain Storm’, Nature Jobs, October 2007

‘Mind Readers of the 21st Century’, New Scientist, November 2005