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Large-scale comparative neuroscience requires data from many species and, ideally, at multiple levels of description. Here, we contribute to this endeavor by presenting diffusion and structural MRI data from eight primate species that have not or rarely been described in the literature. The selected samples from the Primate Brain Bank cover a prosimian, New and Old World monkeys, and a great ape. We present preliminary labelling of the cortical sulci and tractography of the optic radiation, dorsal part of the cingulum bundle, and dorsal parietal-frontal and ventral temporal-frontal longitudinal white matter tracts. Both dorsal and ventral association fiber systems could be observed in all samples, with the dorsal tracts occupying much less relative volume in the prosimian than in other species. We discuss the results in the context of known primate specializations and present hypotheses for further research. All data and results presented here are available online as a resource for the scientific community.

Original publication




Journal article


Brain Struct Funct

Publication Date





2497 - 2509


Anthropoid elaboration, Cingulum bundle, Comparative, Connectivity, Cortex, Optic radiation, Animals, Brain, Brain Mapping, Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Neural Pathways, Primates, White Matter