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Person writing with pen

Structural and functional asymmetry of the neonatal cerebral cortex.

Journal article

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Stimulating human prefrontal cortex increases reward learning.

Journal article

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Multiple and Dissociable Effects of Sensory History on Working-Memory Performance

Journal article

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A Systematic Review of the Association Between Dementia Risk Factors and Cerebrovascular Reactivity

Journal article

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Image-Based Biological Heart Age Estimation Reveals Differential Aging Patterns Across Cardiac Chambers.

Journal article

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Reply to: Multivariate BWAS can be replicable with moderate sample sizes.

Journal article

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Heading Direction Tracks Internally Directed Selective Attention in Visual Working Memory.

Journal article

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Thermal Stimulus Task fMRI in the Cervical Spinal Cord at 7 Tesla.

Journal article

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Screening for Alzheimer’s disease: plasma biomarkers and what else?

Journal article

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Working Memory Precision and Associative Binding in Mild Cognitive Impairment.

Journal article

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