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Yijia (Charlie) Yan

MRes, BSc

DPhil Student

  • Research Assistant


Charlie is a DPhil candidate at NDCN, under the supervision of Dr. Ben Seymour and Dr. Laurence Hunt. His current research in cognitive computational neuroscience focuses on the cognitive representation of pain learning in the human brain. He aims to provide a neural architecture of the egocentric and allocentric conceptual basis of exteroceptive pain cognition, as well as the interoceptive pain modulation, for understanding the neural mechanism of conceptual pain with neuro-computational modelling. He uses behavioural (experimental tasks with video game in Unity), neuroimaging (fMRI), and computational modelling (reinforcement learning) approaches in his research.

Charlie obtained a BSc degree in mathematics and applied mathematics at Fudan University. He then obtained an MRes degree in cognitive neuroscience at University College London, where he focused on the neuro-computational modelling on head direction cells, under the supervision of Prof. Neil Burgess and Dr. Andrej Bicanski. Beyond academia, he worked as a system engineer at NS Solutions to provide customised IoT solutions with the data science approach for industrial manufacturers.

Recent publications

More publications


Dean’s List (University College London, 2020)

SLMS Student Conference Fund (University College London, 2019)

Honors Student Award (Fudan University, 2018)

Outstanding Graduates (Fudan University, 2018)

XRS Education Scholarship (XRS Education Scholarship Committee, 2016)