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Hanna Willis

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Rehabilitation of visual loss after stroke

My research focusses on human vision and in particular what happens when there is damage to the visual system. When the primary visual cortex (V1) is damaged, through stroke or trauma, we can lose our vision and become blind on one side of the visual world. This is known as hemianopia. In my DPhil project I am interested in understanding residual processing in hemianopia and whether rehabilitation techniques can be used to improve visual processing. I am using MRI and behavioural methods to understand these questions.

I hope that in the long term this research will be able to improve rehabilitation techniques to maximise the residual visual processing in patients and help to improve quality of life and independence. 

Our lab is always interested in meeting new patients. If you think you would be interested in taking part in our research, use my contact details to get in touch! 

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