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We extend our warmest congratulations to the winners of the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging Good Citizen Awards 2023.

Heidi Johansen-Berg presenting Morgan Mitchell with a public engagement award © John Cairns

These individuals’ exceptional contributions have enhanced the life of our Centre and we commend their efforts in promoting goodwill and making a difference. These are this year’s winners in the broad categories of improving research culture, engaging others and enabling collaboration:

Improving research culture 

  • Benjamin Tendler has promoted lab handbooks across the Centre, assembling resources and delivering workshops to spread best practice.
  • Mark Chiew put enormous effort into leading a working group that produced guidelines for organising inclusive events and a toolkit for diverse hiring.
  • Raihaan Patel has supported research culture and the career development of others.
  • Frederik Lange took a leading role in the Analysis Module of the WIN Graduate Programme, bringing online sessions back into the classroom in a hybrid format, and has been a passionate and proactive educational leader.

Engaging others’ with WIN’s research 

  • Lucy Starling developed a special engagement event which demonstrated how engagement can benefit both researchers and participants.
  • Morgan Mitchell has been instrumental in starting activity to address issues with inequality in research practice.
  • Melanie Fleming has engaged with charity partners, policymakers and patient representatives to improve the relevance and real-world impact or our research.

 Enabling collaboration and the smooth running of projects 

  • Aaron Hess drove forward a project to establish a research PACS system at OUH, using his technical expertise and creative methods to engage with the people we needed.
  • Clemence Ligneul helped multiple projects get off the ground, signing off individuals for licensed rodent procedures, optimising MR sequences and analysis pipelines, and organising preclinical imaging meetings.
  • Jon Campbell and Sebastian Rieger enabled the development of a first-in-man ultrasound device.
  • Caroline Harbison and Shuyi Luo have gone out of their way to help others in re-establishing TMS labs and in-person testing procedures following lockdown and relocation of elements of Experimental Psychology.
  • Anna Camera has become the lynchpin for the smooth running of research at OHBA, contributing her positive energy and intelligence and going above and beyond.

The award winners’ achievements are a testament to the power of kindness and empathy, and their belief in creating a better workplace environment.