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Upcoming changes to the IT infrastructure

FMRIB has a new compute cluster - read all about it

New Cluster Details

The Jalapeno cluster will be retired in early summer 2024 and its replacement is now available for early use.

This new cluster uses new access technologies to simplify the use of graphical software and updates the software to significantly more modern versions of the operating system and tools. The underlying hardware has been completely refreshed, bringing in up-to-date CPUs and NVIDIA A30 and H100 GPUs.

Slides from recent WIP session.

Remote access

Whilst the cluster continues to allow SSH access:

SSH Logins

it no longer supports remote X11 displays or the TigerVNC system for graphical access. Instead it offers a web browser based system called Open On Demand, which inspired the new name 'Ood'. 

OOD Remote Desktop

The new compute cluster uses SLURM to submit jobs, fsl_sub remains available, and other than a change to the names of the cluster queues (or preferably a switch to -T <time in minutes> -R <memory in GB> style submission).



New queue structure

File transfer

File transfers from locations outside of FMRIB can now be achieved via (instead of, or through the OOD file transfer pages.


The new software stack is managed and distributed by a new system - environment module names may have changed, so you may need to update scripts/shell profiles. The old locations of /opt/fmrib and /usr/local/fmrib are not available on the new cluster. If you have these paths baked into scripts they will need to replaced with the equivalent module add command. For example if your .bash_profile references the Conda installed in /opt/fmrib then you will need to replace this with one of the modules for the new Conda base software.

We have also simplified the shell profiles (what configures your login session) - see our shell customisation page.

Other currently unsupported features

At present Ood does not support the user archive system, so archives and retrievals should continue to be carried out on Jalapeno.