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Connecting to OHBA Linux desktops via VNC



These instructions are for running and connecting to a graphical display on Linux workstations at OHBA.

Remote access can be established using the MSD-IT VPN and a ssh client tunnel.  Connections are only possible from the OHBA/Psychiatry network or remotely using the MSD_IT VPN client.  

VNC is installed on each workstation to facilitate remote desktop sessions. Users require a Linux enabled MSD-IT account.

To use VNC you first need to start a VNC server on the workstation you will be using. Consult your WIN PI or WIN computing support if you are unsure which workstation you should use.

Starting server on the OHBA workstation

To start the VNC session please see our VNC guide - use the name of the workstation in place of any references to

If you think you already have a session running, use 'vncserver -list' to check and to obtain your display number. The output should shown your vncserver running. If not please consult the troubleshooting section of this guide.

Connecting to a Graphical Display Environment

Again, instructions on connecting a viewer and using SSH tunnels are in our VNC guide.

Connections are only possible from the OHBA/Psychiatry network or remotely using the MSD-IT VPN client.  

Stoppin​​g a server

When you have finished your work please remember to shut down your server as there are a limited number of slots available for these sessions. To shutdown your server, either use the Leave > Logout panel menu option or in a terminal issue the command

vncserver -kill :<display number>


vncserver -kill :1

if you have display number 1.​​



 If 'vncserver' fails to start for you on an OHBA workstation this might be because of a bug with conda. Try 'conda deactivate' to exit from conda environments. You may need to do this twice. If the terminal prompt still lists (base) try a second 'conda deactivate' to fully exit and then another 'vncserver' command. 'vncserver -list' should then report your server is running.