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Journal article

(2022), Anaesthesia, 77, 6 - 44

Regional anaesthetic brain susceptibility to propofol is linked with local GABA(A) receptor density

Conference paper

Fabus M. et al, (2022), ANAESTHESIA, 77, 42 - 42

Brain Complexities and Anesthesia: Their Meaning and Measurement.

Journal article

Li D. et al, (2022), Anesthesiology

Brainwave viscosity in propofol anaesthesia

Journal article

Fabus MS. et al, (2022), British journal of anaesthesia, 128, e61 - e62

Understanding Harmonic Structures Through Instantaneous Frequency

Journal article

Fabus MS. et al, (2022), IEEE Open Journal of Signal Processing, 1 - 15

Hysteresis and degaussing of H1 dipole magnets


Fabus MS. and Peggs S., (2019)