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WINdow on the Brain is a flagship event for the programme accompanying our 'Your Amazing Brain' exhibition.

A group of people in front of a red circus tent backdrop. © Eoin Kelleher

The 'Your Amazing Brain' interactive family-friendly exhibition first opened at Banbury Museum and Gallery in 2022, and then went on tour to Discover Bucks Museum in Aylesbury in 2023.

WINdow on the Brain is an after-hours museum late event, featuring a range of circus-themed activities and performances based on our research. On Saturday 1 April nearly 40 researchers went to the museum to run a sold-out event for 130 visitors.

Neuroscience-related performances included postdoc Daria Jensen with her acrobatics team and a 'music and the brain' set by radiographer Nicky Aikin and  postdoc Anna Guttesen.