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The WIN Open Science working group makes the following recommendations for researchers intending to share their tasks online:

1. We recommend researchers to code their tasks in PsychoPy where possible. PsychoPy is supported within WIN (please contact Chris Gallagher for further information), and it is open source as it is Python-based. Training in PsychoPy is provided as part of the WIN Graduate Programme.

2. We recommend that researchers create a repository in the WIN GitLab service to store and back-up their paradigm. During development, the repository can be set to 'Private' in case researchers do not yet want to make the paradigm publicly available (or 'Internal' in case they only want to share it within WIN). When the paradigm is ready to be publicly shared, this setting can then be changed to allow the repository to be viewed by outside users. All WIN members with a computing account automatically have access to GitLab with their username/passwork. A GitLab-only account can also be requested from IT. Further advice on using GitLab is available on the WIN Intranet.

3. It is recommended that basic documentation is provided in the repository (a readme file, with advice on how to get the paradigm to work). It is also ideal to provide an example anonymised data file and analysis scripts to read in/analyse log files.

Repositories uploaded to the WIN GitLab can also be shared via the WIN Open Science Group. Please contact Laurence Hunt for further information.