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The first point of call for any questions related to working at WIN. For other items please either read through our list of FAQs or use the search box above to find what you need. For more information, if you can't find what you need, or if you think we have forgotten something please email us:

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Communications at WIN

You will need to email your department's communications officer to request a departmental profile. Once created email so that we can link this profile to WIN's website.

Note you can only edit your departmental profile. Any changes made will be automatically reflected to your WIN profile. If not get in touch with us.

Communications at WIN

Log into your department's website (top right, log in) and locate your profile via the 'People' tab, and then click on 'Edit Content'. The changes should then be reflected on the WIN web pages by the following day.

Communications at WIN

Log into your WIN profile (or sign up to a profile), select 'Update Profile' and then under 'Mailing Lists' click the link to manage mailing list membership.  Next click on 'Leave' or 'Join' against the relevant lists. Note that win-messages and win-itannouce are both compulsory.

Communications at WIN

Please send your ideas or content to​.​

Communications at WIN

The Monday Message is a weekly email which goes out (every Monday between 13:30 and 14:00) ​to all WIN members informing them of centre-related events, updates and announcements only. If you have items for the Monday Message, please email​ with details. The deadline for submitting items for the Monday Message is 13:00 on the day of publication.​​​ 

Communications at WIN

Please email for information.

Communications at WIN

WIN - Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging

FMRIB - Oxford Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain

OHBA - Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity

BSB - Biomedical Sciences Building

EDI - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

SSO - Single Sign On

FSL - FMRIB Software Library


Communications at WIN

You can view the results of the WIN surveys here.

Welcome to WIN

To help you get started please check out our FAQ list for the latest updates, staff directory, forms, and useful documents. For events and seminars that happen at WIN please check out our events calendar - events are also announced on our Monday Message, a weekly email you will be registered for once you complete the steps below.   


You will need to create a WIN profile through our WIN Registration System. You can do this by logging in using your SSO username and password. Then click on "Update Profile" to complete any missing details, select your PI’s name from the drop-down list.  

You can control your mailing list subscriptions and request a WIN computing account (if needed for data analysis) through your WIN registration page.  

Please note you will need a grant code from your PI in order to request a computing account so please talk to them first if you think you might need a WIN computing account.

For building access click on or search FMRIB, OHBA or BSB within the ‘Facilities’ category.

Researcher Hub

As well as all the content on the WIN Website, there is lots of other content useful to researchers at Oxford on the Researcher Hub.


If you have any questions, please email