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Where to get printer software and what configuration needs applying


​OS and Device Type ​Authentication Method ​Instructions
macOS Orchard managed Per-job Orchard setup
​macOS, legacy Centre owned (e.g. device username matches WIN IT account username) and not Centre owned (e.g. device username does not match WIN IT account username) ​Per-job ​macOS installation instructions
​Windows, single user (e.g. you are the only user of the device) ​Per-device Windows installation instructions​

​Windows, multiple user (e.g. more than one user may want to print) ​PaperCut client software ​Windows PaperCut Client instructions
​Linux, Centre owned/managed (e.g. device username matches WIN IT account username) ​N/A ​Linux domain computer instructions
​Linux, standalone (e.g. laptop) ​PaperCut client software ​​Linux PaperCut Client instructions

 Installing printer software

Printing software on Mac

If your computer is managed by the University Orchard system, then follow the instructions on our Orchard getting started pages to install the printer software. Otherwise, read on...

Installation of the printer software requires an admin account. If you normally use your computer from a non-admin account then log into your admin account now. If you do not have admin rights on your computer contact the appropriate IT support team to request that they carry out the installation.

To begin the installation visit This page is only available from the FMRIB network so connect FMRIB VPN if you are using a laptop connected to WiFi or from a remote location.

On this site click the green Download button to download the client disk image, then open it (DO NOT rename it otherwise the installation will fail) and double-click on the PaperCut Print Deploy Client.pkg installer package within. Click through, agreeing to the license and finally click on Install. Enter an admin password when requested. You may be prompted to allow "Installer" to administer your computer. Click 'OK'.



Click Close. At this point a pop-up window will appear asking your to sign into the print system - use your WIN IT account username and password - this DOES NOT enable printing, despite what it says...



Job Authentication - IMPORTANT

The first time you print the print queue enters the alarm state and the job does not print...




Click on the printer icon in the dock to open the print queue and you should see your print job listed with a status message of 'Hold for Authentication'. Click on the retry button in the print queue:



You should now get a dialog asking for your WIN IT credentials, enter this and tick the box 'Remember this password in my keychain' to automatically use these credentials to print in the future.

Printing software on Linux

Linux Centre Managed

Contact to arrange for the printers to be configured on your device.

Linux Standalone​

Linux printing from non-WIN account devices (e.g. laptops) ​requires the use of the PaperCut client. We provide a script to automate the installation - first open a Terminal then open a file browser window, click on 'Other Locations' at the bottom of the side-bar and in the Connect to Server box at the bottom enter smb://

When prompted for login details select 'Anonymous'. Drag the file '' to your terminal window and press Enter on your keyboard. If asked for a password provide your password if you have admin (sudo) rights, otherwise log into an admin account and try again. This will create a folder 'papercut' in your home folder containing the PaperCut Client - '' - you will need to run this script before you attempt to print.

Windows does not support per-job print authentication ​so the server generates a device identifier that ensures that all print jobs from this machine are associated with your WIN IT account. Do not use this method if your computer is going to be used by more than one person for printing.

The printers can be setup in Windows 10 by visiting this page On this page click the green Download button to download the client, then run it. This page is only available from the FMRIB network so connect FMRIB VPN if you are using a laptop​



Click Finish
You will now be prompted to log into the PaperCut server, this will associate this Windows machine with your WIN IT account.


Printing is now setup


Where a Windows 10 device will be used by more than one user you need to use the PaperCut client to associate jobs with your WIN IT account. This is done against your IP address so can occasionally result in print jobs being associated with other user accounts if IP addresses change during the life-time of this association.
To install the printer visit this link:
then click the green 'Download' button to download the installer. This page is only available from the FMRIB network so connect FMRIB VPN if not connected to the FMRIB ethernet network​. Run the installer and install...


Approve installation by clicking Yes.


Choose an appropriate language and click OK.


​Accept the license agreement, click Next.


​Select WINPrintersPCClient (deselect any other printers listed) and click Next. You will now be prompted to enter your WIN IT user account credentials so that the client can log into the server. The driver will now install, click Finish to close the installer.
You should now configure the printer's default options. Open the Windows menu and click on the cog icon to open the Settings app. Click on Devices and then select Printers from the side-bar. Click on 'WINPrintersPCClient...' and click on 'Manage'. Now click on 'Printer properties' then click on 'Device Settings' and change Auto, Tray 1, Tray 2..., Manual Feed and Bypass Tray to 'A4' then click 'OK'
Finally you need to install the PaperCut client. To do this, click on folder icon in the task bar to open a file browser. Right-click on 'This PC' in the side-bar and choose 'Map Network Drive...', in the 'Folder:' field enter:
Deselect 'Reconnect at sign-in' and select 'Connect using different credentials'.
When prompted, enter the username 'paper cut_smb' and the password 'windows-ten-shared'.
In the folder window that opens, drag the 'win' folder to your Desktop, then once the copy completes, double-click the 'win' folder on your desktop and then double-click on the 'client-local-install' application.
Approve the installation, then click 'Next' when asked where to install the software.
Accept the licence agreement and click 'Next'.
Click "Next"
Click "Install"
Click "Finish" . The client will now start and ask for your WIN IT account credentials.