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How to use printers/copiers in the WIN Centre


The printer systems differ between the FMRIB/Annexe and OHBA buildings, with FMRIB/Annexe printers being managed by WIN IT staff and OHBA's by MSD-IT, consequently the printer software and usage differs between sites.

What printers are available and what features do they have

Printer Name Location Paper Sizes Scan-2-Email Colour Duplex Managed By Setup/Usage
PSYCH_OHBA_00-11_HPColLJ_M553 OHBA A4 No Y Y MSD-IT Instructions
PSYCH_OHBA_00-11_HPLJ_M506 OHBA A4 No N Y MSD-IT Instructions
fricohgf FMRIB Reception A4 Y Y Y WIN Setup Usage
fricohff FMRIB Printer Alcove A4, A3 Y Y Y WIN Setup Usage
wricohgf Annexe Ground Floor A4, A3 Y Y Y WIN Setup Usage
wricohff Annexe First Floor A4, A3 Y Y Y WIN Setup Usage

Using OHBA MSD-IT printers

Using OHBA MSD-IT printers​


Available printers

OHBA have two networked printers. An HP Colour Laserjet M553 and a ​HP LaserJet M506 available in the rooms shown below.




Selecting a printer

An MSD_IT account is required and access is via MSD-IT's iPrint application at

MSD-IT have instructions available at​

​Login to iPrint and install the iPrint software client by clicking the link at the top of the page. Once this is done,  select the printer to install. You may access the OHBA printers from Eduroam/OWL via MSD-IT VPN or from Ethernet at OHBA. 

If you can't complete the installation and see an 'Access denied' message you may not have granted access to the print queue. Contact MSD-IT or Psychiatry​ IT support to request access to your chosen print queue.

We are aware of some Mac users experiencing issues with iPrint. If you are using Safari you may need to open your Safari preferences and add ​iPrint to the list of sites permitted to present a pop-up window. ​​If you continue to experience issues please try Chrome browser which is known to work.​


Where to get printer software and what configuration needs applying


​OS and Device Type ​Authentication Method ​Instructions
macOS Orchard managed Per-job Orchard setup
​macOS, legacy Centre owned (e.g. device username matches WIN IT account username) and not Centre owned (e.g. device username does not match WIN IT account username) ​Per-job ​macOS installation instructions
​Windows, single user (e.g. you are the only user of the device) ​Per-device Windows installation instructions​

​Windows, multiple user (e.g. more than one user may want to print) ​PaperCut client software ​Windows PaperCut Client instructions
​Linux, Centre owned/managed (e.g. device username matches WIN IT account username) ​N/A ​Linux domain computer instructions
​Linux, standalone (e.g. laptop) ​PaperCut client software ​​Linux PaperCut Client instructions

 Installing printer software

How to release print jobs and scan documents on the FMRIB & Annexe printers

The printers in the WIN Centre use a print job hold/release mechanism to ensure that your print job only completes when you are at the device waiting to collect the output. This also allows you to print and collect from any WIN@FMRIB or WIN@Wolfson printer (subject to device capabilities, e.g. A3 vs A4).

N.B. To be able to print your computer must be on the FMRIB network (ethernet or VPN).

Printing a document

Once you have the printer software installed you can use your programs File > Print (or equivalent) menu to print to our print server. Make sure that you select the WIN Printers print pool, and choose your print options appropriately (especially paper size - see below), and then click Print to send the document to the printer pool, where it will remain until you request that it is printed on one of the printers (see below). Jobs not printed within a few days will be removed from this queue.

For simple prints not requiring advanced options (like stapling, non-standard collation options, higher/lower quality printouts) then it is possible to upload PDF documents via the print server web interface. Log into and click on the 'Web Print' link at the bottom of the tool bar on the left of the screen. Follow the workflow to upload and print your document, then visit the nearest printer and login to release your document.

WIN printers are stocked with ISO paper sizes A4 and A3, this can cause issues with documents formatted for alternate paper sizes, most commonly US Letter.

Most software will allow you to select an appropriate paper size using a Page Setup menu item or within the print dialogue. Chrome and Firefox typically don't use the system printing facility, so need additional configuration/steps.

To print from Chrome, make sure to open the 'More settings' section of the print dialogue and select A4 (or A3) from the paper size drop-down. Chrome should remember this as the default going forward.

Firefox is more awkward, either always use the 'More settings' > 'Print using system dialog...' or in the URL bar enter 'about:config', accept the warning message and then search for 'print.'. You will find lots of options for the printing system. The important ones here are:

  • print.printer_WINPrinters.print_paper_id
  • print.printer_Mozilla_Save_to_PDF.print_paper_id
N.B. If you are using one of the Windows multi-user driver installs or a departmental iMac, the first item in this list may have a slightly different name, but will start WINPrinters.
To change the default paper size, click the pencil icon to the right of the entry and change the text from 'na_letter' or 'na_letter_8.5x11in' to 'iso_a4' and click the tick icon.

Releasing a print job

Once you have printed a document on your computer go to your nearest printer and sign in.

COVID-19: To avoid touching the printer, you may release your print job via the print server website. See Remote Job Release below.

To sign in, tap the screen to wake the printer and then present your University card to the card reader to the right of (A3 printers) or behind (A4 printer) the screen. If this is the first time you are printing you will be required to register your card.

If you are not using your card or your card has not been registered you can tap on the username field to open a virtual keyboard allowing you to login using your WIN computer account credentials. If you presented an un-registered card then this will now associate your card with your account.



Once logged in you will be presented with the PaperCut features page.


There are three icons: Print release; Device functions; Scan (from left to right), you should not need or use the 'Device functions' icon.


To release a print job press the 'Print Release' button icon.


Tick the jobs you wish to print (tick Select all jobs if you require all of them) and then press the Print icon. Other options include printing the document in greyscale rather than colour, enabling two-sided printing if not selected at print time on your computer and deleting the job (bin icon).​​ Further details about the job can be viewed by touching the arrow to the right of the print job. You can use this to increase the number of copies of a print job.

Click the 'Log out' button to return to the PaperCut login page when you are finished.

Scan to email

To scan a document and email it press the Scan icon, you will be presented with a list of presets, one of which will be scan to my email address. Select the appropriate preset.


​On the scan page you can modify the subject and file name as required and on the right change the settings of the scanner.

Screenshot 2022-02-14 at 10.31.54.png

For separate pages singly or in a bundle place these in the document feeder on the top of the device, page to be copied first facing upwards. For bulky items or stapled bundles lift the lid to access the flat-bed scanner.

To carry out a scan with these defaults, press 'Start scanning' or tick the 'Prompt for more pages' if you are scanning items on the flat-bed and wish them to all appear in a single document.

To access the additional scan options - e.g. 2-sided scanning tap the 'Settings' button...


Scanning options include single/double sided, orientation, output size, file type, resolution and colour depth.


Log into the printer and then use the Device functions button to access the printer menus, you can then access the copier application from there.

Remote Job Release

To avoid touching the control panel it is possible to release a job to the printer via a web page. If your document is in any way sensitive you should either use the normal release mechanism detailed above or bring your laptop with you and release the job ONLY when you are at the printer.

To access the release pages visit the printer server web page at and log in with your WIN IT account details.

Once logged in, click on Jobs Pending Release and then click on Release All or Print next to a specific print job.

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 14.03.48.png 

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 14.03.55.png 

Now choose the printer to release to by clicking on the green printer name - use the Location column to identify the printer's location.

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 14.03.59.png