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Using OHBA MSD-IT printers

Using OHBA MSD-IT printers​


Available printers

OHBA have two networked printers. An HP Colour Laserjet M553 and a ​HP LaserJet M506 available in the rooms shown below.




Selecting a printer

An MSD_IT account is required and access is via MSD-IT's iPrint application at

MSD-IT have instructions available at​

​Login to iPrint and install the iPrint software client by clicking the link at the top of the page. Once this is done,  select the printer to install. You may access the OHBA printers from Eduroam/OWL via MSD-IT VPN or from Ethernet at OHBA. 

If you can't complete the installation and see an 'Access denied' message you may not have granted access to the print queue. Contact MSD-IT or Psychiatry​ IT support to request access to your chosen print queue.

We are aware of some Mac users experiencing issues with iPrint. If you are using Safari you may need to open your Safari preferences and add ​iPrint to the list of sites permitted to present a pop-up window. ​​If you continue to experience issues please try Chrome browser which is known to work.​