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What meeting room facilities are available

The WIN Centre has several meeting rooms available for booking,​ each equipped with video conferencing hardware which runs Microsoft's Teams Room technology. 

Rooms with Teams Facilities
Room Name Location Capacity Features
Tracey (Grey seating)  ​WIN@FMRIB Annexe 6 Teams Room, sofa style seating
Radda (​Blue seating)  ​WIN@FMRIB Annexe 6 Teams Room, high-table
​Newsom-Davis (Yellow seating)  ​WIN@FMRIB Annexe 8 Teams Room, large table
​The Cowey Room 1 (Red seating - seminar space)  ​WIN@FMRIB Annexe 30 Teams Room, ceiling and wall camera options
The Cowey Room 2 (​Red seating - meeting space)​​  ​WIN@FMRIB Annexe 30 Teams Room, can be joined with Cowey 1
​OHBA Lounge WIN@OHBA 30 Teams Room, screen on trolley
OHBA Meeting Room WIN@OHBA 8 Teams Room, whiteboard camera