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Meeting facilities in the Cowey 2 (right-hand, no lectern) room

Information about the Cowey 2 meeting room

​The Cowey 2 room may be laid out as a board room, teaching or small lecture room. Power and ethernet points are available in the floor boxes, and the tables have integral power strips which should be connected to a floor box power socket.

Please do not connect high-wattage devices to the power points - they cannot provide more than 3A (approximately 80W).

The screen can be used by connecting to the in room Microsoft Teams device (see Teams Rooms), when split from Cowey 1, or acts as a repeater when the two rooms are conjoined. Video inputs to the screen are controlled by the Crestron panel on the wall, and the The Teams control panel is located on the small black shelf to the left of the screen.

if the screen is not on or showing the Teams interface use the wall touch panel to select 'Teams' - the screen will take a few seconds to start, during which you should see a WIN animation.

Where you are unable to use Teams, for example because you are taking part in an externally organised Zoom meeting then there is are HDMI and USB cables coiled by the screen. To use these you will need to use one of the tables, locating it next to the screen.

When using a floor box ensure that the pop-up flaps are open and that any cables pass through the gap thus created.