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Meeting facilities in the OHBA meeting room

Room facilities

​The OHBA meeting room contains a boardroom style table.

The screen can be used by connecting to the in room Microsoft Teams device (see Teams Rooms).

The OHBA meeting room Teams system supports additional presentation modes and can join Zoom and WebEx meetings.

Whiteboard Camera

The whiteboard is fitted with a camera allowing transmission of the whiteboard content into your Teams meeting. To switch from the main camera to the white board use the Share icon on the Teams touch panel. The system will ghost the person writing on the screen, so any writing on the board will take a few seconds to become visible to remote participants.

​​N.B. The content on the physical whiteboard is not saved with the meeting; if you wish to preserve this then take a screen grab on device joined to the meeting.

Zoom/WebEx via Teams

To join these meetings, the room's email address should be invited to the Zoom/WebEx meeting at least 15 minutes before the meeting is due to begin. The meeting should then appear in the meeting list on the touch panel and can be joined by selecting the item.

Where you are unable to use Teams, for example because you are taking part in an externally organised conference not using Teams or Zoom, then there is a HDMI and USB cable to allow for using the webcam/soundbar in Device Mode.