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Information for WIN researchers looking to invite a visitor to WIN for any period of time

Please note that the following guidance is for WIN researchers only


WIN Visitor Hosting Guidance

All external individuals coming to WIN (for example, an visiting student or academic) needs to be approved with the WIN admin team, and in some cases, needs additional approval from the WIN management board prior to the visit taking place. Please use the WIN visitor hosting request form for both purposes. 

Why does WIN need to be informed?

WIN needs to be informed about all visitors to make sure we are able to host the proposed work and to provide any additional material you might need (e.g. letters of support). Additionally, it is important for the WIN admin team to be informed of all visitors to keep appropriate records of individuals that will be in the building for security and health/safety

When is WIN approval needed?

Approval by WIN admin is needed for any visitor that will be visiting WIN for more than one day. This does not include external visitors that will be attending a meeting, seminar or a talk for short time period within a given day, and are accompanied by the host at all times. 

Approval by the WIN management board is needed for visitors who would be working with you for more than three months. This is because our space and resources are limited. Please note, visitors staying less than a year will not be provided individual desk space.

How do I apply for approval?

Please email with the below WIN visitor hosting request form to advise on the next steps. 

For visits over three months, please submit approval form to WIN well ahead of any deadlines, preferably two months (ideally more). Please email with your request form and CV of the individual you would like to host to arrange review. If any letters of support are needed, please indicate this at the time of WIN form submission.

WIN Visitor Hosting Request Form [Requires SSO]

WIN approval does not replace department approval, and the relevant department process must also be followed.

Please contact your department HR team for more information on this process, including timelines.