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Upcoming WIN Event and Speaker SERIES

Upcoming 2020 Events

TBD Oxford Pride* 

*Postponed due to pandemic. More information coming soon. Please click here for more information on Oxford Pride


Date Rescheduled (TBA)  WIN EDI Seminar Series

Dr Manon Jones (Bangor University) and Dr Fiona Zinovieff (The Miles Dyslexia Centre) 

'Neuroscience of Dyslexia and Dyslexia in Neuroscience'

Click here for more information about The Miles Dyslexia Centre and Bangor University


November 2020

13 - 19 November 2020  Transgender Awareness Week 

Click here for more information 


18 November 2020  WIN Wednesday - EDI Series


'Mental Wellbeing at WIN' - An introduction to WIN's new THRIVE working group.

Click here for joining information (SSO login required).


18 November 2020  LGBTQ+ STEM Day

Click here for more information.


18 November 2020  Michael Dillion - LGBT Lecture Series Launch (Oxford)

Click here for more information and to register to attend.


January 2021

8 January 2021  LGBTQ+ STEMinar (Oxford University) 

Click here for more information about the event.

Abstract Deadline: 20 November 2020.


Previous WIN Events and Speaker Series

July 2020

22 July 2020  WIN EDI Seminar Series


Dr Hamied Haroon – Disability in Academia

‘Disabled Science: my attraction to the MR Imaging field’

Click here for more information about Dr Hamied Haroon.


JUNE 2020

10 June 2020  WIN Wednesday - EDI Series


'Black Lives Matter' - A discussion on the backdrop of racial violence that has led to the recent world-wide protests; the importance of educating ourselves on institutionalised racism; and what WIN can actively do to promote racial and ethnic equity in academic STEM. 


MAY 2020

May 20 WIN EDI Seminar Series (online)


Dr. Lenna Cumberbatch - Diversity & Inclusion Strategist

'What kind of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) do you want?  Understanding and selecting an inclusive approach'

Click here for more information about Dr Lenna Cumberbatch. 



February 25  WIN EDI Seminar Series


Dr Daniel Holloway - University of Oxford

'Beyond Wellbeing: Why higher education needs to shift its conversation from mental health to mental illness'

Click here for more information about Dr Daniel Holloway.


JANuary 2020 

January 10  LGBT+ STEMinar (Birmingham University) 

Click here for more information about this event 


September 2019

September 9  EDI Conference (London)

 Click here to learn more about this conference


August 2019

August 22  Webinar - AAAS (US)

'You can't think outside the box if you're stuck inside'

Click here for webinar.


July 2019 

July 5  WIN LGBTI+ Speaker Series - Dr. Lilly Hunt

Dr. Lilly Hunt - EDIS / Wellcome / Francis Crick Institute

'Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in Science & Health Research'

Click here for the recorded seminar (internal oxford link)


July 6  Pride March (London) - WIN LGBTI+ Working Group & the Wellcome WDI Team Joint event.

Stay tuned for more information on the 2020 pride events in Oxford and London.


JULY 2018

July 11  WIN Speaker Series

Dr Clara Barker - University of Oxford

'Why Diversity is important in STEMM'