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Conferencing options in Teams, including meeting recordings

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative tool that incorporates many functions. This page only deals with the videoconferencing/calling features. If you are using one of our Teams enabled meeting rooms then please see our meeting room pages in addition to the details below.

Recording meetings

By default, your Teams account will not allow the recording of meetings. To enable this feature you need to fill in the recording request form available on the Record a meeting in Teams page. By completing this form you agree to abide by the University's recording policy.

Once enabled you will be able to record a meeting or request that a scheduled meeting is recorded automatically. By default recordings go to your OneDrive, see below for information on uploading this to Replay for distribution.

Teams can add captioning and transcripts to live meetings (and provide them with recordings) - see the captioning page.

Integration with Replay (Panopto)/Canvas

Teams recordings can be uploaded to a Canvas site using the Panopto plugin by following the instructions at


Teams includes a whiteboarding function, available in all scheduled meetings. Content within the whiteboard is not included with any lecture recording. If you need the content post meeting then you should download the image from the Whiteboarding tool. After a scheduled meeting you may still be able to return to the meeting details in the Teams calendar to access the content.

Miro can also be integrated into Teams if you require a more fully featured whiteboarding tool.

For details on whiteboarding options see

Teams for telephony

The University telephone system Chorus is being phased out and is currently being replaced by Telephony over Teams. This allows you to use the Teams app on any device (smart phone, desktop/laptop) to make and receive telephone calls. If you need such a line then please contact