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It is possible to connect to our networks via WiFi (Eduroam) or physical cabled ethernet. WiFi networking is convenient but cabled networking is faster and may allow you to access more resources.

The procedure for connecting to the wired (ethernet) network depends on which building you're located in.​

​FMRIB/Wolfson Buildings

​The FMRIB and Wolfson buildings provide at least one 1Gb ethernet connection to all desks. It may be possible to request additional sockets for additional devices, but this is not always possible.

Network access is divided up into classes of device, with each class being allowed access to different resources:

Personal d​​​​evices

These are privately owned devices that have had their MAC address registered with IT support. These devices will need to be checked over for suitable anti-virus and be running a supported OS (and fully updated) to be allowed to be connected. Once you have provided your MAC address you will be able to authenticate on the network with your WIN computing credentials. Users should contact IT help for information on how to configure their computer.

Configuring Windows 11 for Network Logins

Departmen​​tal devices

These are owned by the department. Typically, these will have been pre-registered by IT before you are given the device but if you replace the ethernet adaptor you will need to notify IT support of the new MAC address. These devices are authenticated with your WIN computer credentials.

Configuring Windows 11 for Network Logins


Before connecting any device to the OHBA wired network, please contact us​ to ensure that your device is properly configured and setup according to the University's regulations. For personal devices, you will need to register​ with MSD-IT.​

Wireless Networking for OU Employees and Students

The WIN Centre locations provide the Eduroam and OWL (Oxford Wireless LAN) networks. We would recommend the use of Eduroam for all education users from the University of Oxford and other institutions - this ​provides a secured WiFi connection onto a segregated portion of the Oxford University backbone network and internet access. Details on connecting to Eduroam can be found on the University of Oxford IT Services pages. We would recommend you use the CAT installer if possible the first time you set your device up.

Most users find that an Eduroam connection is sufficient to carry out most of their work without needing to use the FMRIB VPN service. Where you need to access FMRIB-only network resources, for example to print documents,​ then you will need to connect to the FMRIB VPN service.

Visitor Wireless Networking​​

If you have a visitor who already has an Eduroam account from their home institution then they should be able to connect without help from IT staff, but if they have issues please contact us for advice.  Visitors should endeavour to confirm that their Eduroam connection is working prior to arrival. Please note that Eduroam usernames should be in the format user@DOMAIN (with the domain all in capital letters). For example, the username for Oxford university members connecting to eduroam will be in the format username@OX.AC.UK, and likewise for members of other educational institutions.

We recommend the use of the Eduroam network for all users.

The university also provides a second wireless network named OWL, however, this provides no direct access to the internet. To get access to the internet on the OWL network, you would need to connect to the FMRIB VPN service or University of Oxford VPN service.

Before requesting/setting up visitor access please we aware that this service is ONLY to be used where the visitor meets one or more of the following conditions:

  1. ​Workshop and open day visitors
  2. Conference and seminar attendance
  3. Commercial partner companies
  4. Committee members
  5. Non-paying course member
  6. Guest lecturers and speakers
  7. Payroll workers
  8. External researchers
  9. Non-edu technology partners​

The following categories are explicitly not allowed to use the visitor network services:

  1. Alumni
  2. Anyone who is walking into/around the campus or public facilities, e.g. Museums, gardens, open access areas of the colleges and Libraries and public exhibitions.
  3. Commercial hosting (e.g. paying course members)

The OWL Visitor Account

Where you have a visitor who requires wireless networking we are able to offer short duration (maximum two weeks) OWL-Visitor accounts. This provide an unsecured wireless net​​work connection outside of the University of Oxford firewall with full internet access.

The OWL-Visitor service should not be used by University of Oxford staff/students (who should use Eduroam or OWL+VPN).
When you are aware you will need to offer OWL Visitor access please contact us to request an account. We will need the following information:
  • User's full name
  • A sponsor (contact who could provide contact details for the user should there be a query about any usage of the account)
  • A start date/time
  • The duration of the account

We ​are also able to bulk create accounts, should you need several for an event you are organising.