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Connecting remotely using VPN clients.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) client allows access to resources ordinarily hidden from the internet. WIN and the University operate several VPN services, allowing different levels of access to protected resources.

Several WIN services hosted at FMRIB require you to either be on the FMRIB ethernet network or to use the FMRIB VPN service, for example accessing the printers from Eduroam WiFi.

Similarly, some OHBA resources, for example remote access to Linux desktops, require you to utilise the MSD-IT VPN service - connection details below

The University also offer a VPN service which can be used to access select WIN services.


Connection to the FMRIB VPN Service


The FMRIB VPN service requires the use of FortiClient VPN and uses secure web technology to encrypt traffic (TLS) so should operate from networks that restrict use of the legacy IPSec VPN protocol.

Please note that only traffic destined for the FMRIB or University networks will route from your computer through the FMRIB VPN (you may hear this referred to as 'split-tunnelling'). Other University traffic, for example YouTube or Microsoft Teams traffic will travel out via your internet service provider. If you need access to a service that requires you to appear to come from a University address then please contact us for advice.

Setup instructions

Oxford University VPN service

Oxford IT VPN


The Oxford IT VPN will allow to currently connect to the Jalapeno server. It will not let connect externally to any other FMRIB hosts but is possible to 'hop' to other hosts using a SSH tunnel. 

Please see for installation instructions. 


The MSD-IT VPN is mostly used by OHBA based researchers to connect to Linux desktops and other OHBA local services.

Please see for installation instructions.