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How to request and use a dedicated MATLAB session on the FMRIB cluster

The Open OnDemand Interactive Apps/MATLAB option allows you to start an interactive session housing only MATLAB. Whilst you can of course use MATLAB via the Remote Desktop app, this option uses less server resources, and can be considered to be similar to 'ssh -Y' but with session persistence.

The MATLAB app configuration form required the following information:

  • MATLAB version - 'default' will choose the newest version installed, or you can choose a specific version.
  • Extra modules script - this allows you to specify the full path to a text file that will load environment modules before starting MATLAB.
  • Number of CPU cores / memory required - please keep these as low as is required for your work - these are limited resources, so requesting many cores and lots of memory may mean you wait a long time for your job to start. Ordinarily aim for a maximum of 16GB for every two cores you request (based on one of the cores being a 'virtual thread') to align with the memory capacity of our servers.
  • Number of hours - this is the maximum duration of your session, subject to the maxium job duration on the interactive (or gpu_short) partitions (5 days). Again, to allow others to use the facility please limit this to your expected run time + time for you to save results.
  • GPU toggle - GPUs are a finite resource, so selecting a GPU may mean you wait for a long time to get your session - please only do this if your task requires CUDA. This will add two additional options to specify a specify GPU type and to request more than one GPU - if you need one GPU of any type then leave these boxes as they are.

Click Launch to submit your job to the queue. This will take you to the My Interactive Sessions page when you can launch the VNC session - see the Interactive Remote Desktop instructions for details on using the VNC viewer.

Open OnDemand MATLAB