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The Open OnDemand file browser

The Files menu has two options within, links to your home and scratch folders. Select the location you would like to visit - for access to a /vols/Data location, choose either option and then change the folder in the file browser.

Files menuFiles menu

The Files interface allows you to examine your folders, upload and download files, add new files and directories and view select file types (those that a web browser understands, e.g. text files and images/videos.

Open OnDemand file browserOpen OnDemand file browser

The Open in Terminal option will launch a Clusters > FMRIB Cluster Shell Access session in the currently displayed folder.

Refresh will update the view to take account of any files/directories modified on other computers.

To access /vols/Data folders, click on Change directory and then enter the full path to the folder you wish to view.