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Installing the WIN CA certificate on macOS

Machines managed by Orchard already have the certificate installed. Any computer that can already authenticate to our ethernet networks and also has this certificate installed.

Other machines should download our CA Certificate and install using Apple's instructions. Once installed you need to trust the certificate.

In KeyChain Access, double click on the CA certificate 'Certificate Authority'. Check that the details are as follows:

Subject Name > Organisation IPA.FMRIB.OX.AC.UK

and in the Fingerprints at the bottom:

SHA-256: 0D E4 8E FA 21 E9 A8 16 CC 47 FB BE 27 65 19 DD 70 44 E9 3A 4E FD FE 81 87 28 70 9C 96 A5 E4 6B

Back at the top of the window, expand the Trust section. In here, change Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to 'Always Trust'. Close the window and authenticate when prompted.