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Installing the FMRIB Certificate Authority certificate into Firefox

Download our certificate from:

FMRIB CA Certificate

Then from the Firefox menu (three horizontal bars), choose Settings.

Click on the Padlock 'Privacy & Security' section and scroll down to Certificates. Click on 'View Certificates',

In the Certificate Manager window, make sure 'Authorities' is selected and then click on 'Import...'.

Browse to and select the certificate you downloaded above, use the 'View' option to confirm that the 'SHA-256' fingerprint is:

0D E4 8E FA 21 E9 A8 16 CC 47 FB BE 27 65 19 DD 70 44 E9 3A 4E FD FE 81 87 28 70 9C 96 A5 E4 6B

Return to the approval window, tick 'Trust this CA to identify web sites' and click OK.