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How to transfer data between facilities/devices effectively

There are many tools that can be used to transfer data between devices. WIN IT support the following:

How to transfer files using secure transfer mechanisms including scp, sftp and rsync


The SSH secure terminal tool also supports transferring files over a secure encrypted link. There are two mechanisms provided, Secure Copy (scp) and Secure File Transfer Protocol (sftp), the former is a scriptable one-off transfer of a file or folder, the latter an interactive session allowing you to up or download files and folders. You will typically need to use these tools to download MRI scans, transfer files to/from the WIN or BMRC clusters or collaborator's systems.

In addition to the command line tools (available on macOS, Linux and recent versions of Windows) there are various GUI applications that support the SFTP protocol. We recommend Cyberduck on macOS and Windows (OS App Store or and FileZilla on Linux.

Secure Copy Tools

How to access FMRIB file servers over SMB


The SMB remote file system access protocol is supported by all major OSes and provides access to your servers files as if they were locally available on your machine. We only allow access to this service from within the FMRIB network trusted networks, so you will need to connect to the FMRIB VPN to access from WiFi, remote locations and restricted FMRIB ethernet networks.

Details on how to connect for each OS are in this section.

SMB File sharing