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Your profile page allows you to examine/update a number of key facilities. Here you can check/update the information we use to manage your account life-cycle

  • Your personal profile
  • Any WIN computer account details
  • Mailing list memberships
  • Training details

This is what a typical users Profile page might look like. Please scroll down for more detail...A typical users profile page


Here you can see the main information we hold about you. Most of this information is kept up to date via OUs Core User Data but some of it can be changed by the user, e.g., your "Contact email address:" which you must update to match any preference you have set via so that your mailing lists remain fully functional.

Compter Account(s)

Any computer accounts associated with the profile (usually just one) are listed here. Click on the account name(s) to examine the details and request changes to your quota and account type.

Mailing Lists

We have a number of managed mailing lists (some of which are mandatory) and here you will be able to find out which ones you are currently subscribed to and subscribe/unsubscribe as needed. Use the "Click here..." link to edit your Mailing List subscriptions.


Any training you've undertaken is listed here. Please pay attention to any expired training highlighted in red above, as this may impact things such as your building access rights. In our example Joseph's "Magnet Safety" training has expired and so their university card would not be enabled for access to the FMRIB building.

Use the "Click here..." link to check and or book upcoming training events.